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  • Lesne Ranczo
    Lesne Ranczo


     Agrotouristic lodging 'Lesne Ranczo' is located near the village Skupowo. The house is secluded, which makes it here you can find peace, tranquility, clean air and the possibility of a relaxing vacation. Excellent starting point for tours of the Bialowieza Forest, the perfect place to relax for people tired of the urban hubbub.

      In the spring you can hear the shrill cries of cranes all around. Right after them arrive storks and many other birds.Fall is a wonderful play of colors here. Nature which slowly collaps into sleep is amazingly beauty then. You can see how the earth is slowly getting ready for a rest.
      Our 'Lesne Ranczo' beautifully looks also in the winter. White space intimidates, but also encourages for walks. In winter it is much easier to see deer, foxes, hares or wild boars. 'Lesne Ranczo' is the fulfillment of the great dreams of a quiet, natural lives in symbiosis with nature.


     In 2010 lodging "Lesne Ranczo" was awarded in community contest as 'The most aesthetic possesion and farm' and in 2011 the owner of the lodging was honoured in category 'farm' and took 3rd place in community contest for 'The most aesthetic decorated possession and farm' (certificate is in bookmark GALLERIES).

Lodging 'Lesne Ranczo' is located to:

  • River Narewka - 1100m,
  • Bialowieza Forest - 100 m
  • Siemianowka Reservoir - 9 km.